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Welcome to the Tropical Guest House (CASA TROPICAL)

We are a friendly guest house located in the beautiful island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. 

We're situated on the outskirts of downtown Isabel Segunda and close to everything Vieques offers.  All of Isla Nena's spectacular beaches are only 10-minutes away by car.  We are a five minute walk from everything in town, including the ferry terminal.  Find everything you need in beach, snorkel, and scuba gear, bike rentals, souvenir shops, and more, right in town.

Enjoy fine dining in nearby restaurants, bar hopping with locals, and an all around cultural experience. 

Take a leisurely walk or horseback riding tour that originates just steps from the guest house. 

Visit the Fort Conde de Mirasol/Museum for great exhibits, festivals, and one of the most picturesque views of the island.

We welcome one-night stays (with some exceptions around major holidays and Carnival) for those who come just to see the magical bioluminescent bay.  And since we can accommodate up to 50 people, you can affordably house your entire group here. 

We pride in customer service... whether you stay a day or a month, you will find a comfortable and clean place to rest after a long day exploring the island.

                            Come Stay With Us!